Bioenergy: Refueling the Future

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Now the first thing to ask ourselves is, "Why should we care about biofuels?"  People should care about biofuels because biofuels could greatly help the environment.  Some people also say that they don't care about the environment --that it's not important.  Those people are wrong.  The environment is the world we live in and it has a major impact on our daily lives.  It is the air we breathe.  It is the sky we see.  It is the bed we sleep on.  It is the very essence of our being.

Now what would you do if you saw this world dying in front you?

This is what Severn Suzuki did.

With society rapidly advancing, we neglect and abuse the world around us.  We blindly take advantage of our resources,  knowing that they will soon run out.  We burn away these precious resources without thinking twice about the effects it has on the world.

This does not have to continue.  We can create a better world    a better future, if we just learn to change our ways. 

 Together, we can build a new future    a future powered by bioenergy.

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1. Amyris
2. Solazyme
4. LS9
5. Gevo
6. DuPont Danisco
7. Novozymes
8. Coskata
9. Codexis
10. Sapphire Energy

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